Welcome to Afillio!

What is Afillio?

Afillio is an online marketplace with the goal of making affiliate marketing as simple and as cost effective as possible. Simply sign up as a Vendor, list your products, and have anyone and everyone market them for commission.

Afilliate Marketing

Why use Afillio?

Simple: Easy signup and listing process.

Cost effective: Afillio only takes a 3% service fee which is less than half of what most competitors take.

Only pay for guaranteed sales: You only pay Affiliates commission on sales that are completed.

Expand customer base: Customers who buy from an Afillio Affiliate are more likely to become repeat customers through your website.

Community: Your loyal customers will feel more a part of your brand when you give them the ability to market products they are passionate about.

Achieve lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): Depending on your CPA through advertisements, you may be able to achieve a lower CPA by paying commission through Afillio instead.

How can Afillio be used to make sales?

Social media: Post links to listed products to allow followers to market your products and earn commissions.

Email: Send emails informing existing customers of their opportunity to earn money by marketing products that they are familiar with.